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Wild Land portable solar rechargeable LED camping light/garden tripod light

Short Description:

Model No.: MQ-FY-LED-12W/Solar Camping Light

Description:This solar camping garden lamp consists of a main lamp, and 4 removable portable single side lamps,or optional Bluetooth speaker /UVC lamp.It comes with very strong and stable adjustable steel tripod which is up to 2 meters high,an easy carry suitcase is able to hold all of the accessories like the lights, steel tripod, etc..

It has an built-in 7800mAh rechargeable lithium battery. Multiple power supply modes are available: solar charging, DC 5V charging and AC. There is a charging port on the main lamp, and users could charge the lamp with the adaptor provided or vehicle power supply.

The main lamp has integrated lighting and power bank function. Besides charging by the solar panel on its top, the detachable side lamps could also be charged individually or by main lamp. Special design and convenient operation make it very suitable for garden, campsite, beach, BBQ, etc.

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High performance tripod design, 360° panoramic lighting, great stabilty. Adjustable tripod, height 1.2~2m, could be applied on slope, rugged places (with sand bag and pegs). Four portable single lamps, 1800mAh lithium battery, five lighting modes (low light, high light, spotlight, flash light, and mosquito repellent light), could be used individually. The single lamp come with a 360° hook and a strong magnet on the back to hook on virtual anything or attache metal piece.


Battery 15600mAh
Power 12W(Main lamp 8W, side lamp 1W)
Luminous flux 700lm+100lm * 4=1100lm
DC output 12v/3A
Working time Main lamp 7-20 hours, Side lamp 6-8 hours
DC Charging Time 10H
Solar Charging Time 24H
Operating Temp -20°C ~ 60°C
Operating Humidity (%) ≤95%
Shell Material ABS
IP Rating IP43
Packing Size 72x35.5x17.5cm(28x14x7in)
Weight 10kg(22lbs)



Mosquito repellent


Solar charging


AC/DC adapter/USB


Light and compact


DC output:12C/3A

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